Rugev Csarnok competition 2010

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tags:  competition , 2010 , bicycle , Rugev Hall

usage and architectural Idea competition
1st prize and special mention


The regular using of bike extend more and more wide range, which operates a dinamically developing trade and industry background with a continously increasing demand. The cycling get more and more bigger role in the transport of the modern big cities. As the latest survey data say the 49% of the inhabitants over 15 years use bike for transport regularly, and the users of the bike incerase.

Among the inhabitants of Budapest the largest the rate of bycicle users was the age between 15 and 29 years, 26% of this age use the bike for traffic. It is worth to pay attention for the research of the target group, and during planning. Behind the increasing tendency one of the most important reason is the comfort, because nowadays in the city it is the freest form of transport, if there will be thoughtful and consistent infrastructure.

Lucky facility is that this immovable is located in the centrum of the specialized wholesales and workshops, which serve the significant part of the market. The late manufacturing town of Csepel has important traditions of making bycicles, and there is also fabrication today nearby.


Our oppinion is that with this condition the situation is ripe for a “paradigm shift” in this segment of the market to make a synthesizing and specialized commercial facility which orders and shows lots of brand novelties, accessories, special clothes, food supplements, and also manufacturers and program organizers. Moreover it gives space for periodic fairs, test days and programs, which also increases the attendance of the commercial and service part.


The system of the pedal market contains closed permanent and changable modular commercial units which building proportions are set to meet the structure of ruster sizes.. The retail and wholesale shops get space in these. The units meet the essential building physics requirements (cooling, heating), because the renovated hall is only precipitation protected, tempered and with infrastructure because of the cost. The moduls contain enclosed interior commercial and service places, and on demand could be two-storey. The units have window shopping, open “market place” and green spaces where the products can be shown for the visitors.


The gastronomique units of „bike kitchen” will be located to the market like the technique of the commercial units. Their role is a perpetual, continous catering and the service of the guests during the events (all day programs, market days, etc.).


A The Event Hall comes into being changing Salló Hall, and it is connected with the traffic system of the Market Hall. Mobil grandstands, disposable storage places for the sport and other events, and in the floor built grandstands, technical rooms (light, sound, VIP) and service rooms (lavatories, storages) are avaiable. The traffic system linked with the market place provides oppurtunity for organisation of special „Pedal Tour” championships and brand tests. The crane in the hall provides possibility to build varied courses.


Separetly the hall, otherside of the „L-form” parking area the late water service builiding is transformed a small office building which can cooperate with the hall building or can operate independently. The office building and meeting rooms can help the organization of the programs, markets and the commercial functions.


Demolishing in „L” shape the East and the South tracts of the existing hall spaces the facade of the hall becomes free and is noticeable for the visitors. The formed outside traffic area insures the necessary parking area, which has more entrances and exits. The surface of the parkings follows the existing slope, so it connects with the public spaces on level. The entrances of the market place divided in proportion are located near the parkings, the event hall has a separate entrance also. The service entrance is located near the event hall, and it serves the whole establishment. The office building is separated from the establishment, so there can be a separated operation.

Ádám Tubákos
Csaba Sárközi

Tamás Kun
Zoltán Turáni
Zsolt Róka